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When you take a closer look at purchasing, you realize that often the greatest discrepancy between cost of procurement and actual item value can be found in low-value goods. This means that huge savings are waiting to be made in the purchasing department. E-procurement solutions automate and optimize many purchasing workflows, especially in interactions with suppliers, who are currently assuming responsibility for an increasing number of tasks.

Webgate provides process-oriented IT systems that significantly reduce procurement costs and delivery times.

The Bravocs consulting teams have many years of experience with e-procurement projects, for both suppliers and producers. The spectrum ranges from internal systems for purchasing departments and direct procurement systems, to integration in e-marketplaces via EDI or WWW.

We advise you about the e-procurement concepts appropriate for your company, frame these as part of a general strategy, and integrate them into your it systems. Webgate is helping to make purchasing a positive experience again.